Coming soon to a conference in BC!

The #lflproject is ticking along very nicely. There is a forthcoming article in Open Shelf: the magazine of the OLA, the outline for the major paper is taking shape and making sense. Jordan and I have a Way Forward to knock this out of the park.

We spent a day deliberating over what we want to say about LFL, how we want to say it, and who we want to hear it.We’re both in agreement that the wider audience and the more easily understood the message, the better to suit our goals.

And on that note, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve been invited to speak about the research so far at the British Columbia Library Association Conference! This year’s theme is Disrupt and Transform – appropriate for sure given our topic. Sadly, I’ll be going solo (well, sadly only because Jordan can’t come, but awesome otherwise) to represent the work, but we are both pretty excited to be associated with this esteemed event. The title of the talk is Little Free Libraries®: the trouble with twee solutions to big problems. Here’s the abstract. If you are planning on coming to BCLA, I hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Coming soon to a conference in BC!

  1. I was just at UBC for the WILU conference and saw tons (at least 3) LFL around. It made me think about your project. I enjoyed the article on Open Shelf and am interested in what will come of it!


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